Tarkan's CD Adimi Kalbine Yaz Released

Finally Tarkan's new CD 'Adimi Kalbine Yaz' released on July 2010. This Tarkan album contains new songs in Turkish. Tarkan aimed to return his old style in this album. Album contains oriental sounds and rhythms this time with a modern concept and coverage. Adimi Kalbine Yaz CD made a sale success in Turkey in its first month. CD is not available for sale in other countries than Turkey.

When Tarkan's New Album Will Be Released

Turkish Mega Pop Star Tarkan will release his new album soon. He's now in latest work for this album. All Turkish music singers published their albums in the beginnings of summer of 2009. Kenan Dogulu, Yalin, Sezen Aksu, Hadise, Murat Boz, Sertab Erener and many other Turkish stars already made their albums and they are on the ways of the country for their summer concerts. Kenan Dogulu began his concert tour countrywide with Rap star Ceza for the festivals of youth. This festivals sponsored by Fanta.

Tarkan didn't make his album in this crowd. Everybody supposed an album from Tarkan in June or July. Because in Turkey it's a tradition to release music albums in beginning of summer. Turkish people generally go to summertime homes in touristic regions for 3 - 4 monts in summer and they like to listen Turkish music albums there.

Tarkan introduced a new singer to the music audience in June. The new Turkish pop star's name is Emir. Tarkan is one of the composers and lyric writers of Emir. Tarkan is also co-producer of the album "Ben Sen Olamam".

It's expected that Tarkan's new album will be released in late summer of 2009. It will be in Turkish language and probably release only in Turkey. Its name and song list are not known by this time. Turkish fans wait and hope an album like Tarkan's old classic Turkish music style in 1990s. Tarkan's Turkish fans generally didn't like so much his latest music style.

This time Tarkan fans expect a great success for this album and wait new fresh hits.

Emir or Tarkan - Ben Sen Olamam

Tarkan cloned himself

Turkish Mega Star Tarkan prepares his new album for late summer of 2009. It will be a Turkish album and will be released in Turkey.

In the beginning of 2009 summer Tarkan produced an album for new pop star Emir and introduced this young talent to music audience. Tarkan supported Turkey's new star Emir by his music and lyrics and he's also co-producer of this new album. Moreover, Emir is nearly Tarkan's himself.

View Tarkan's latest project EMIR!

You'll be amazed and enjoy Emir if you love Tarkan.

Emir's album name is "Ben Sen Olamam". It's a little bit funny and genious name. Because it means "I can't be you" in English.

Tarkan Before and After Sezen Aksu

Before and After Sezen:
The wind of A-Acayipsin was so powerful that it carried its effects till 1997 when he released his song Ölürüm Sana ( I’d Die For You). Of course, the help of Sezen stil went on. Şımarık (Spoilt) was a blowout. His albums broke records. We said that it was the magic stick of Sezen but was it right? Because it is actually Tarkan who gave power to every one with whom he worked. After quitting work with Sezen, there was no failure in his music. Because in 2001, Tarkan catched the soul of his time once again. He gave his album Karma as a gift to the tired people. And he suggested a philosophy: Whatever you do, it will turn back to you. This time he used finger cymbal while dancing. It was so aesthetic that everybody admired him. His companion in that album was Nazan Öncel. She became another woman after working with Tarkan. For instance, she was seemed as the rival of Sezen…Year was 2003 and again there was Nazan Öncel…The song was Dudu Dudu (Woman)…We didn’t mention but that time he was also giving great concerts in Europe and he began to a fame among Europe. Though the expected English album Bounce couldn’t be very successful, the music critics liked it.

At last, Tarkan appeared with his latest album. Metamorphosis. It is a transformation from the youth to the adulthood. This time, there is no companions like Nazan or Sezen. All the lyrics and compositions were made by Tarkan. Now, there is not a man who destroys all the taboos. He wears a gray suit, he has a beard and he looks in a mannish way. There are some people who says the new year program was a failure. It does not matter, he is sucesfull at making people’s mind busy with him, even they like him or not. Tarkan is not the old Tarkan. In the airport, when some paparazzis asked him questions about the gossips, he used to smile and go on his way. But now, he is not in that way. He says whatever he thinks, if he is angry he shows his anger to the people around him. And his words are bitter. When we look at his lyrics, we see that he has prepared his answers to the ones who will criticize him: “ Don’t talk in vain / Don’t make me angry/Just confess and accept it/Come on, don’t put me out of patience.”

Tried to create a tough guy image from the soul of Time:
He has been discussed for 15 years. Of course in the socio-politic situation which created him, there were coalition government which was totally liberal and turned their faces to Europe. He was much more European than any of us. He was our pride. Now, there is a conservative and some nationalist life style among the people. There is nothing as metrosexual nowadays. I met with the game of destiny very early, I grew up suddenly/ Now my childhood days are lost.” By these words he stil protects the sensitive side of his soul but also by these lyrics, “ Let’s account for our rights/ Let’s be United and fight / Come on let’s tell our revolt.”, he tries to create a tough guy image from himself or the soul of his time. He again tried to catch his time. And we know that he always catchs his time and he is always successful.

Tarkan He Has His Own Secret

He Has His Own Secret:
However, don’t think that he had totally a perfect and peaceful childhood. He had to put up with the wild yellings of “Turken Raus !” ( Turkish, Go Away). But he was successful at living between these two cultures. Even in his childhood, he was aware of the problem of racism, thus he didn’t feel himself as worthless.

The feeling of homesick came to his life when his father decided to return to Turkey in 1987. Their new life began in Karamürsel, a small town of İstanbul. And this is a real problem for Tarkan. He used to live in Europe, neverthless, the town he moved to was really conservative. He was not familiar with such obligations as wearing a tie and being short haired in the school. His introversion appeared there. Although during his older ages he could be adapted to everything around him, at that time in Karamürsel, his loneliness began. How can we know this? Because we looked at every piece of writing about Tarkan and we saw that nobody could touch his soul. If anybody thought that he could have done it, this was just a trick of Tarkan. From his Karamürsel days, he has been an opinion as the best friend of him is himself. And in his every album, there is another concept, moreover he is successful at drawing borders around his life. He has the secret of keeping the title of “star, megastar, ultrastar, etc” and we are sure that he will keep this secret to himself till his death. Anything in this Tarkan phenomenon which we think that we have solved it is the tricks of Tarkan in order to cover his soul. This is a success. For almost 15 years, we have been talking and writing about him, this is a real success.

He is Bewitching:
Let’s go on. If music is life for our soul, then it is very normal for a man who was standing between two cultures to take shelter in music. Moreover, he began to his career by singing Classic Turkish Music which was a success since it was really hard to sing that kind of music. First he went to Karamürsel Classic turkish music association, then he went on his education in Üsküdar. And his feeling of loneliness helped him to achieve a success at singing classic turkish music. But he was young and at that time it was Özal’s political period which was totally liberal. He was talented but his family didn’t have enough financial situation to give a hand for his career. Moreover, there was a rush of pop music and there were a lot of new singers such as Hakan Peker, Yonca Evcimik, Burak Kut, Aşkın Nur Yengi and Ozan Orhon. Many young singers tried their chance in this rush of pop music. As Mazhar Alanson said with his bewitching style, Tarkan was better than all of the rest. Who cares about his short height?

The country was slowly chancing itself after the coup of 80 and it began to create its stars again. At that time, proverbs proved their reality: If one’s front teeth are apart, he becomes rich and How you welcome the new year, the rest of the year will be like that…The new year night of 1992, our country met with Tarkan on a television program. He appeared with his bewitching green eyes, a weird costume and his first song Kıl Oldum Abi (I am Irritated). Don’t think that the name of the song was created by him. In that period there were such slang names in all the songs. And, catching the soul of his time is a success for a star and that was what Tarkan always did.

Although that album didn’t break records as the other ones did, it was enough for him to be a star. There were ones who hated him, and the ones who loved him. He gradually became rich. On a cold new year night we met him, and he has been in our lives for 15 years. Even we are angry at him, or we dream of having a signature of him, he is always in our lives.

Moss Mask For Men:
His real blowout was in 1994. Sezen Aksu decided to work with him and Tarkan’s hit song A-acayipsin (You Are Weird) appeared in the music market. Again, he presented his songs on a television program. This time, he was on Cem Özer’s talk show. His hair was short and he was dressed in an attractive and simple way. The album’s first clip “Unutmamalı” ( You Musn’t Forget) was on the channels. This time we could sense the talent of Tarkan in classic turkish music. On the talk show, they talked about romanticism. And people found the new men image for that period. An image who could do anything for his lover but also carried a sensitive heart. And the legend of Tarkan gave its start. When there was no word as metrosexualism, he stepped in our lives as a metrosexual image. First, his audience was full of with girls but later his fans became mixed. Man, woman, young girls, working class, society, etc. Moreover, he destroyed the world of smashing guys. Suddenly, men began to wear earrings. In İstanbul and every corner of the city, barbers put a signboard on their doors:” We have a moss mask for your faces.” Men transformed to a metrosexual image.